Friday, June 3, 2016

Cross Trainer LK 520

EserMarketing offers the Cross Trainer LK 520 which perform an efficient workout to your body with the available super features.
Cross Trainer LK 520 available at EserMarketing is equipped with Genesis III self-powered system which makes it possible to automatically transfer the energy of pedaling into electric to start the console. Hence the machine doesn't require external power to perform the action.
Below mentioned features makes it a wonderful equipment to use.

Genesis III self-powered system
This exercise machine enables flexible placement within a room without regard to power outlet location. It is equipped with a self powered system. It can automatically transfer the energy of pedaling into electric to start the console.

Commercial grade display console
5 Large LED graphic display windows provides 16 commercial fitness programs, including 12 preset programs, 1 manual program, 1 user programmable profile, 1 Watt, and a Heart Rate Control Program.

Anti-rust aluminum alloy double rails - made by strengthened high-stiffness aluminum alloys. This design makes the wheels slide more smoothly and durably.

20″/ 50cm large stride
Gives an appropriate, comfortable motion.

Track & Track structure
Brings non-impact exercise to the joints and spinal cord and also arms, abodominals, thighs and hips.

Fingertip controls
This is a very convenient design that the handlebar has fingertip control buttons. It allows adjusting the resistance levels while exercising.

Over sized non-slip foot pedals
This design helps the user finds the best position for training and for more comfortable exercising.

Electromagnetic brake system
Electricity Controller system, transmits the demanding resistance to the precise electromagnetic brake system.
It can satisfy all different training needs for the user.

Low step-up design
This design provides the benefit of the safe entry and exit.

Unique arm motion
Provide a correct motion for the upper body.

Commercial use handlebars
The handlebars' anti-slip rubber highly ensure the safety and duration while workout.

The multi-functional stuff holder
This offers a space for putting your little stuffs on the machines.

Contact pulse measurement system
While exercising the user can monitor the heart rate.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Rowing exercise equipment

Rowing machines, among the fitness machines performing workout to your body that it works your entire body which makes it stand out.

A rawing machine is a design of imitating the workout performed when a boat rowing in the water.

The benefits offered with the equipment:

Improves Cardiovascular Fitness
The exercise provided by the machine cause increasing the heart rate and breath volume that it is working on your cardiovascular fitness.

Increases Total-Body Muscular Strength and Endurance
Rowing increases the muscular strength. The machine cause the user performing repeatedly pushing and pulling against resistance and increasing resistance over time, the user's muscles will grow and develop,and become stronger.

Low Impact
appropriate for the ones who are nursing an injury, or who feel physically uncomfortable
during weight-bearing exercises because rowing is easy on the joints.

The health and fitness benefits you can gain from rowing machines are much the same as
those of water-based rowing but with few more benefit offered with the equipment.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Dual Elliptical Cross Trainer G2356

The cross trainer offers a total body workout with less impact on your knees. The equipment is consisted with pre-set programs that target your specific muscle group. This cross trainer is designed for regular use and is very useful for long training sessions. Specifically this is for training between 3 and 7 hours per week. Dual Elliptical Cross Trainer G2356 offers a more natural pedaling, quiet and smooth pedaling with different voltages. The distance between pedals is 16 cm.
On the handlebars of the equipment it has a contact pulse measurement which provides targets for advance training.
The cross trainer is easy to move in your home because it has transport wheels.
Dual Elliptical Cross Trainer G2356
Dual Elliptical Cross Trainer G2356

Cross Trainer G2356 is of four programs :
  • Heart Rate Control (HRC) – Allows cardiovascular zones during exercise. Automatically controls workout strength to conserve effort at chosen pulse limits.
  •  5 customizable profiles – Allows users to create their own training program.
  •  Recovery Test (RT) – Helps to control the fitness condition through controlled recovery.
  •  Fitness Test – Helps to control the fitness condition through controlled recovery.
  • Random program – By selecting this program, the monitor created and displayed on the screen each time a new program randomly created.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Benefit from exercising

Exercising to your body will have a good impact on the improvement of your healthy life style.
Everyone likes to feel better, have more energy and live a longer and healthier life. 
There are many ways exist that can show you how exercising can improve your life. 
Daily workout will defineatly help to maintain losing weight. You should not forget that you have to follow proper exercising methods and the best equipment made for exercising easier and more efficient.

Exercising to your body will help a lot in preventing bad health condition and diseases such as high blood pressure and being active boosts some important factors that keeps your blood flowing smoothly which decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The regular physical activity can help you prevent a range of health problems and concerns.

If you are stressed and need an emotional lift working out will be able to help to feel better. Physical activity stimulates some brain chemicals that make you feel better, more relaxed, and happier. Maintaining a good workout can boost your confidence and improve the self-esteem. 
When you have a lot do with household chores and other work. you need more energy. Exercise will improve your muscle strength and boost your endurance. Exercising to your body will make your heart and lungs work more efficiently, and you have more energy for your daily chores.
Exercising encourages to have a better sleep. Try to maintain a good workout because it's really worth doing and to get best results exercising should be done properly with the right methods and with best equipment made for your body workout more efficient. Check out Eser Marketing that has the best range of equipment you will defineatly enjoy.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Eser Marketing - Treadmill – G 6431

Eser Marketing offer one of the popular Treadmills , Treadmill – G 6431. The equipment is very convenient to use at home for weight lose and to get in fit.
BH treadmill's new design concept is the framework. BH group revises the ergonomic and the layout of stand tube and running board, it makes the treadmill more compact when running board is fold up, and it will help you to save storage space.
T100 treadmill's motor is designed accordance with EU regulation and is equipped with best brush, bearing, and steel axle that make the motor reliable in high speed.

The treadmill's elastomers cushioning system put less stress on your feet, ankles, knees and hips that will cause you to enjoy a longer workout and faster recovery time. The elastomers assure a better effect absorption and provide a perfect match for rehab training or for motion training.

The treadmill is consisted of striking features :

  • Smart-Fold body framework
  • Quick control buttons on handrail
  • 6 Pre-set programs
  • Large non-slip footrests
  • SDS (Soft Drop System)
  • Easy-to-move lightweight design
  • LED windows display
  • Contact pulse measurement
  • Body-Fat test program
  • Quick Speed keys

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

AB glider from Eser Marketing

Ab glider is one of the best equipment available at Eser Marketing. The equipment has the ability to focus on training the user's abdominal areas and it has become very popular all through North America and Europe.
ab-machinereviews mentions how to operate this machine, you start by kneeling on a pad and grasping the handles in front of you. The knee pad is mounted onto a curved track that also can swivel.

The arc movement is initiated by your grasping the two handles to pull yourself along the track and also by twisting.

By also twisting your body, you can swivel the track as you glide along it to work your all of your abdominals, including the oblique’s (love handle area). And by having this unique track swivel, in addition to the forward and backward motions, by engaging your entire core in one wave, this ab machine works on all areas of your abs.

This machines offers high resistance which is a best thing about the ab glider. and it engages your entire abdominal region.
This saves you time because it allows hitting all of your abdominal muscles at the same time. Hence you need not do a bunch of defferent ab exercises.
More importantly this equipment is helping you to perform compound ab exercises which is more effective at giving you the results you want faster.
Some technique of this machine cause like you owning an Ab Coaster and an Ab Circle pro in one machine by the swivel track.
The Ab glider has been given enough positive feedback that this piece of equipment perform faster as promised and affordable.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Whole body workout routine using dumbbell and bench

Dumbbells are a great way to get fit and stay in shape. Its great for upper and lower arms, back and chest toning. Add a bench and you will get a full body workout targeting the all major muscle groups. You only need two plate loading dumbbells and a flat bench. Try the routing below for a three weeks and see the results yourself.

Also keep in mind you have to manage your diet to get the best results. Exercise regularly and keep an eye on the calorie intake. This is vital for a successful fitness routine.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Monday, March 21, 2016

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Walking on a treadmill? What are the benefits?

As far as we all know, walking is a great exercise for the whole body, especially the lower part. But as we are getting more and more into walking on treadmills, what can we expect?

Different levels of resistance helps you to focus on stamina or a cardio workout based on your preference. Also most treadmills these days support various inclination settings for a more challenging workout.

In my view the main benefit of the treadmill is the ability to burn away those unwanted calories anytime you feel like working out. Its also important to choose the correct treadmill according to your requirement. Eser Marketing, for Example offers a vast range of treadmills with different options and brands, such as BH fitness, no #1 in Europe.